frequently asked questions

How can I get a painting of my car?
Send me two or more clear photos and information about what size of picture you'd like, plus your ideas on style, background etc. When I receive these I can discuss the project with you in more detail if required.

I don't own a hot rod/ custom car/ classic but I'd like a painting, is this possible?
Yes, I can paint your “dream car” for a lot less than owning the real thing, Just give me the info on how you'd like it to look and I can do the rest. If you have a rod or custom project planned or in progress, I can also produce concept drawings, for you to visualise the finished vehicle.

Can you do motorbikes?
Yes, as long as you provide me with suitable photos.

How long does a commission take?
In most cases I say allow 2 to 3 weeks from me receiving your photos. A painting may take longer if it is a large project, several vehicles together or if I have a waiting list. If, however, you need your painting sooner than this (for example as a birthday present) Let me know and I can usually prioritise your order.
In case you were wondering the monochrome (b&w) pictures take about as long to paint as the colour ones.

Do you sell framed pictures?
I can't sell framed pictures by mail order owing to the cost of secure delivery on frames. In most cases It will be cheaper for you to purchase your own frame to fit (and you know it will suit your room).

How much will an original picture cost?
Here is a basic guide to prices based on one vehicle plus background on quality (300gsm) art paper:
25 X 30 cm - from £70.00
40 X 30cm (A3) -from £75.00
40 X 50cm -from £90.00
42 X 60cm (A2) -from £105.00

Bigger sizes are available on request. If you want 2 or more vehicles in a picture, or multiple orders contact me to discuss a price.

-----Information Regarding Postage-----

As the costs of postage for parcels have increased, I regret that I'll have to reflect that cost in my price range. Items A3 size and larger will be sent rolled in poster tubes to protect from damage.

Please note I can now accept payment via Paypal

When your picture is ready I will e-mail you a (low resolution) copy for approval, then contact you to arrange payment.

I also do other graphic design and illustration work, including logos t-shirt designs amongst other things. contact me to discuss your requirements.

For further information e-mail me here.


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